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Purchased in 1994, Wolf Creek has been family owned and operated by 3 generations of Romeys. We have maintained the historic integrity while renovating, restoring and repairing the facility to its former original condition. This alone is a full time job that we do to protect and maintain the last piece of fully functioning industrial equipment of the era in the Hollis  and Kasaan area of Prince of Wales Island. All the mines, logging yards and canneries are gone now and only Wolf Creek Boatworks remain.


Since the early years of the boat works, 1939, the focus has been on a local facility where boat owners can come and have a boat repaired or even built. There's a grid where boaters can have their boats cleaned, or even just borrow the space to clean their own boat. 

The original equipment still runs in the boat works and sharing that experience has always been a highlight at Wolf Creek. 

You're welcome to stop and by and see how SE Alaskans have been building, repairing, and maintaining boats for over 80 years. 

Boat building, boat repair, boat cleaning and caretaking the historical significance of this iconic property.

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