Purchased in 1994, the Wolf Creek Boatworks has been an ongoing restoration of history. The buildings and equipment have been painstakingly restored to preserve the historical integrity, while making improvements and upgrades to meet the current demands of a functioning boat shop. It's been a learning experience over 25 years and 3 generations of Romeys have contributed to the labor of love.

Over the years, while following the special permitting guidelines set down by the USFS for land use, the Romeys have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and endless hours to bring Wolf Creek back to life.


Now, the State Mental Health Trust is ready to take it all away, in order to log the land. Please lend your voice to help stop the State from evicting the boatworks from the land that it's been on for more than 80 years.

Getting the Water back to the Boathouse

Cleaning up and  Clearing out the Vegetation

Getting familiar with the boathouse. Shoring up the foundation, fixing equipment, replacing rot, repairing the years of neglected maintenance

1995- Getting the grid ready for boats

Today, Wolf Creek Boatworks has done well to maintain and preserve the significant historical process of our SE Alaska heritage.

Wolf Creek has been my home and labor of love for 25 years. I'm asking the State of Alaska Mental Health Trust to trade or sell the 7 acres that the boat works sits on, so I can continue to safeguard this historic landmark. They have refused and the buildings are slated to be removed and the land logged.

Please call, email, text, or Facebook message

your political representatives to ask for the Wolf Creek Boatworks to be protected.

Sam Romey

T: 480.225.4761

E: samromey@gmail.com