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The Early Years 

Originally called Twelve Mile Arm Boat Shop, this beautiful landmark started out in 1939 building boats out of local SE Alaska timber. For years, Isreal Stevens built and sold skiffs using the same belt driven tools that still operate inside the boat house today. Originally powered by water from the water flume off of  Wolf Creek, it was later powered by a large S.Morgan Smith Francis style water turbine.

1939 Early Construction of the boat house. Isreal Steven's cabin.

The Glenda Jo was built for the well known Alaskan, Dave Peele from across bay in the village of Kasaan.

The flume right after completion in 1940. You can see the 4 " steel  pipe lower center of photo that ran the pelton wheel.

The inside of the water flume that carried the water from Wolf Creek to the over shot water wheel.

The machinery area of the shop as it was being built in 1939. The pole and reused beams are still in good condition.

The Stevie was the first motor powered boat built by Isreal Stevens at the boat works.

The flat belt driven shop machinery has not changed much in the last 80 years and it all still works perfectly.

Tom Stevens, Isreal's son in one of the skiffs he built at the boat shop.

Boat shop in 1940 with original Log cabin.

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