Let them hear from you to Save Wolf Creek

The land that Wolf Creek Boatworks sits on has been slatted for logging by the State Mental Health Trust. Of the 1544 acres set to be logged, approximately 7 acres surround the historic boathouse, powerhouse, cabin, and boat grid. These 7 acres being carved out of the exchange will ensure the preservation of the entire historic site.


Although they have been offered financial compensation for the homesteaded 7 acres, or an exchange for 7 acres further down the beach (owned by Sam Romey) to continue occupying the 7 acre parcel, Mental Health has been unwilling to waiver on their decision to allow for the removal of the buildings, seawall, dock, pilings, and equipment.... while they log the entire mountainside. 

Senator Lisa Murkowski CAN stop the process and allow Wolf Creek Boatworks to purchase or land exchange the small parcel. Please, make your SE Alaskan voices heard to those in DC!


Tell them to SPARE the Wolf Creek Boatworks parcel and allow it to continue being a part of our local history and community. 

Wolf Creek has been my home and labor of love for 25 years. I'm asking the State of Alaska Mental Health Trust to trade or sell the 7 acres that the boat works sits on, so I can continue to safeguard this historic landmark. They have refused and the buildings are slated to be removed and the land logged.

Please call, email, text, or Facebook message

your political representatives to ask for the Wolf Creek Boatworks to be protected.

Sam Romey

T: 480.225.4761

E: samromey@gmail.com